PRIDE: Choke on My Sparkle tote

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To all my lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer friends + followers, you are seen, you are loved and you deserve to celebrate, not just this month, but EVERY day of EVERY month of EVERY year of your life! You only get one — so you should be who you were meant to be during every minute of it!

Everything about this tote is cozy, like an old family quilt! With a vintage wildlife image + antique typewriter lettering, this natural-colored polyester linen tote is super soft, like it’s already been worn-in for you! But don’t be fooled— it’s also incredibly durable, with sturdy strap handles.

Full-color design is applied via heat press using sublimation, making it permanent + totally washer-safe. Specifications: 19" x 15”